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FileMaker UK is doing good work to help get young people started developing FileMaker developer skills…

Published 9-21-13

Are you looking to develop a new skill or to teach your students or children something that could provide a whole new career? Learn how to develop databases for use in any industry.

Our event demonstrates how you can maximise your skills with very little IT knowledge and training, where to go for support and how to utilise these skills in your career. Regardless of your business sector or capabilities, we will provide you with the information you need to develop databases and maximise your employment opportunities.

You can also hear a professional footballer explain how, during a break in training, he learnt how to use FileMaker from scratch, researched new solutions, solved problems for his employer and gained the necessary skills to support a business alongside his football career.

Presenters Include:

Jordan Watson, Professional Footballer and FileMaker Developer: 
At the age of 19 Jordan had to take a break from football and instead of doing nothing he approached companies in his area to gain valuable commercial experience. In order to put in the changes required he undertook research and realised that FileMaker could do everything required and more. Jordan can talk about his experience in learning FileMaker and how he has been able to take this valuable skill to two different companies in very different sectors increasing his future employment options and current salary.

LIVE DEMOS from Kieran Saunders of FileMaker: 

Kieran will demonstrate the top 10 tips Jordan has identified during his FileMaker journey to date covering Google Maps integration, conditional formatting, and more.

Webinar: Tackle Youth Unemployment With New Skills – YouTube.

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