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Published on Dec 19, 2013

On 12/3/13, FMA hosted a free webinar, presented by Matt Navarre, owner of MSN Media. It was titled Relevance Ranking, Web History and Search: Applying Web Methods to FileMaker:
Searching for results in Google, usually finds what your looking for. Using a web history to find a site that you’ve visited is usually better than having a ‘back’ button, which is based on your current session. During this webinar, we will show some techniques, sample files, and commercial solutions that focus on solving these challenges with pure FileMaker.

This webinar discussed:
Adding ‘record view history’ across multiple tables. This allows each user to see a list of recently-viewed records and navigate to them with a click. It’s simple to implement, and requires a triggered script, one table with just a few fields, and a portal to display records on your home screen.

The elements of single-field search: Pre-process, Iterate, Rank, Display. We examined these parts of fmSearchResults, a commercial program, and showed how these ideas can be implemented into your solutions.

Relevance rank system that learns. As users search for records, refine searches, and click results, Relevance metadata is stored about that interaction. The next time a similar search is done, the Relevance table is searched, and the related record is displayed. We discussed the concept of short vs. long clicks, linking searches to results, and implementing these ideas into your solutions.Via Relevance Ranking, Web History, Search: Applying Web Methods to FileMaker – YouTube.

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