FileMaker / HTML / JS Video Training Demo – YouTube

If you a FileMaker developer and aren’t studying html/css/js, you’re falling behind.  iSolutions and Chris Ippolite shortens the learning curve…

Published on Oct 5, 2013

In this demo we show an example of using JavaScript to allow us to control the video playing in a web viewer and to execute certain FileMaker script depending on whether the user pauses or resumes a video. We wanted to be able to remove the ability to fast forward through the video to make sure the user watches the video assigned to them.
We used a FMP URL to run a script when they pause, to create a log record saving the frame where they paused so when they come back later they can pick up where they left off. Also, we use an FMP URL to run a script when the last frame of the video has been viewed, which lets us set the “Completed” flag on the video. This way, the user can only show a video completed if they actually watch it in its entirety.

For more details:

We ‘localized’ the javascript, API Code and javascript function and reference each within the HTML calc we use in the web viewer. The sample video we show is on a web server but could be embedded on the device.

FileMaker / HTML / JS Video Training Demo – YouTube.

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