Design Tips for a Beautiful FileMaker Experience Q&A – YouTube

INTERFACE AND USABILITY DESIGN seems to be ever changing – but there are some basic guidelines that stand the test of time.  Check out a few here:

Published on Feb 28, 2014

With the FileMaker 13 Platform, you can create FileMaker solutions that go wherever your business takes you. There are several considerations to keep in mind when building a solution for multiple devices be that iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac or the web. Learn the key, yet simple, design considerations that will help you build solutions that truly feel like they were built for each device. We’ll set guidelines for objects’ appearances and sizes, streamline data entry when using touch interfaces, and prevent unwanted zooming. We’ll also look at some best practices for working with the unique features of iOS devices, such as screen sizes and rotation, virtual keyboards, and the Home button. Join us for a one-hour presentation with FileMaker product specialist, Kieran Saunders.


Design Tips for a Beautiful FileMaker Experience Q&A – YouTube.


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