Xero, Shopify, and WooCommerce FileMaker integration – YouTube, Example Files from Osborne.

Xero, Shopify, and WooCommerce FileMaker Integration

Andrew Duncan of Databuzz presented to the Atlanta FileMaker Developer meeting this past October on three of Databuzz’s solutions:ย  Xero, Shopify and WooCommerce.

I just recently purchased the Shopify version ofย  fmEcommerce and found it a very well written, easy to implement solution for integrating FileMaker with Shopify. My client is a non-profit in the Albuquerque area using Shopify and FileMaker to connect food vendors (farmers, food preppers, and such) to large distributors of commercial food products.

The integration is every bit as easy as shown in this video (go to the 49:00 minute mark for Shopify hookup).ย  And the solution is completely unlocked, allowing easy integration into the existing database solution.


Since the solutions are unlocked, you can spend time learning the code and learning how to connect online services.

I recommend watching the whole video if you are interested in connecting to this .

Five Tips from John Mark Osborne

Osborne posts articles and free example files from time to time on his website, Database Pros, and his recent offerings might well help you out:

  • Required Fields
  • Import Assist
  • Import Preset
  • Surveys
  • Slice

There are four free FileMaker Example files (and one tip) at the link above.ย  Check out the Survey solution for an interesting (and effective) take on how to setup a survey for proper reporting.

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