Watch The Abundance Code Movie FREE Now!

For those interested, the Abundance Code Movie is free until June 30th.

It’s long (1:35), but informative.  Learning to focus on the abundance that surrounds us is key to switching from a scarcity mindset, which is a very limiting point of view.  I will be watching it in parts until I have finished.

We Create Our Reality

Abundance is not what we focus on. We focus on how there is not enough. We focus on fear, and how we believe that everything is going to run out. Our entire economic and political system is based on the management of scarce resources. We fight over these resources and through war, conflict and greed we create for ourselves a self-fulfilling prophecy where there is a strong illusion of ‘not enough’.

The Abundance Code logo_stacked posWhen really… there is more than enough for everyone. We’re all in this together. My abundance and your abundance, they don’t have to be at odds. It’s not true that there’s not enough. It’s not true that if I have more, you must have less. That kind of thinking leads to adversity, conflict, dysfunction, jealousy, envy and ultimately a sense of isolation and depression. If we don’t make the shift to abundance-based thinking and solutions-oriented living, then our entire species and our way of life may be in danger.

Worldwide Online FREE Premiere June 21st – June 30th 2016

Source: Watch The Abundance Code Movie FREE Now!

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