Using ROI to Sell, Weight Loss and Tim Cook

ROI – Return on Investment

Chuck Melton of MainSpring posted an informative article on using a variation of Return on Investment (ROI) to help sell your custom application (hopefully FileMaker!).

What is ROI?

A standard definition for ROI is pretty straight forward:

The return on investment ratio calculates the percentage return (profitability) on an investment. This is usually calculated something like this:

Return on Investment Ratio = (Earnings from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment

So, let’s assume an investment of $25,000 returns $40,000.  Here’s how to calculate a simple ROI:

(40,000-25,000) / 25,000 = %60

So in this instance, the $25,000 investment returned %60 on the investment in the first year (assuming all income and cost are for the first year).

Chuck Melton’s ROI calculation

Melton uses a slight variation, one I think works well when calculating the effect of improvement for a custom app instead of a financial investment such as stocks:

The basic calculation is (Reduced cost + Increased revenue) / Project cost = ROI.

Melton provides details on how to calculate each part with a detailed example that you don’t want to miss.  Be sure to read the whole thing.

Source: Determining ROI for your custom application – MainSpring — Time to Innovate

Weight Loss, Tim Cook and the Apple Watch

OK, I’ll grant you this is a bit off topic.  Last year I mentioned in a post that Tim Cook lost 30 pounds with the help of his Apple Watch. I referenced a post from Mens Health magazine.  As a result, Jen Miller from noticed that link and contacted me about linking to her comprehensive weight loss article if I liked it.

Well, I read her post and I liked it.  There is plenty of practical advice and some great looking recipes that I haven’t had time to try (although they are bookmarked!).  Here’s a teaser:

You have probably come across many weight loss fads and trends that come and go, that might work for your co-worker’s neighbor’s daughter. But the most reliable ways to lose weight have to be backed by science.

And that’s what this article is about – here are the 11 best ways to lose weight, according to science.​

Here’s hoping you like it, too!

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