User Experience

User Experience

Here’s an informative post by Jordan Watson on user experience at

Defining what constitutes a great user experience is near impossible. This is because building a custom app with a good user experience is based upon multiple factors, from your relationship with your client, to the level of usability and interfaces you provide, but the overall aim should be to create happiness before, during and after using your app. Yes, the aim is really for your app to make your users feel happy even before they use it. Seem impossible? I can assure you this isn’t as hard nor as strange as it sounds.

Here are 4 things I recommend focusing on when building custom apps with a great experience.

Watson draws on his background as a developer, and also shared his knowledge of user experience at DevCon:

I was discussing this topic the other day with Michael Rocharde.  We agreed that the first impression was critical, but the usability had to be there, as well.  Great looking alone does not work.  The functionality and improvements in usability get you over the next hurdle of acceptance.

The net effect of each is one of the client loving the solution and, often, wanting more. The cost becomes less of a factor due to the increased savings in time and decrease in errors.

You can download Watson’s session files and the presentation pdf here.

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