Update from the Mayo Clinic

First, let me say thank you to everyone who reached out and helped Jon through this difficult period.  We all appreciate the love and support.  

Yesterday was very productive – Jon had an EMG on his legs, and we’ll hear the results soon. Initial results show some problems.

The big news:  We met for over an hour with Dr. Snyder, specialist in Internal Medicine, Complementary and Intergrative Medicine, and Consultative Medicine.  Dr. Snyder came prepared: He had read case notes and history prior to walking in.

And then he listened.  And asked questions.  And listened some more.

We came out with new blood tests and appointments with Physical Medicine, who will dig into his back and leg problems, and with Infectious Medicine, who will look into the Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain portions of Jon’s conditions.


It’s fascinating to see how the process works at the Mayo Clinic.  We’ve gone from Neurology Specialist (nothing significant found there) to Internal Medicine (nothing really found there) to Physical Medicine and Infectious Medicine. We are getting closer with each step.

Digging in for a longer stay

Later today and tomorrow we’ll be looking for a more affordable and a more spacious living arrangement, something suited for a longer stay here in Phoenix.

And finally…

For a more entertaining perspective, follow Jon’s journey on Jon’s Facebook page.

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