Two FileMaker 16 Techniques

My First FaceBook Live video from my Laptop:

I found some great free software that allows me to stream Facebook Live from my laptop.  The  Live video below is about this blog post.  Check it out:


If you haven’t heard of the Card Window, it is one of the more heralded features of FileMaker 16. Here are just some of it’s features:

  • The card window is modal to its parent window, and its size is based on the parent window by default
  • The parent window can be dimmed when the Card window is activated
  • You can show or hide a close window button
  • The context of the window is independent of the parent window, meaning you can show data from another table
  • The Go to Related Record (GTRR) script step can invoke the Card Window

These features open up a lot of possibilities:

  • Show relate information
  • Add related data
  • Show, add, or modify unrelated information
  • Show custom dialog boxes

Which brings us to the next Card Window trick…

How to Create Groovy Dialog Boxes in FileMaker 16

Tony Tanevski of Australia based Hi-Voltage shows us how to use the Card Window to make a really groovy custom dialog box:

Groovy Dialog Box

Using a combination of a custom function (to parse multiple script parameters), a card window, and the use of some creative scripting, Tanevski crafts a modular solution allowing the developer to use the same window in any script, with as many (or few) programmable buttons as can be fit on the screen.  Tanevski also walks you through the process of building this dialog box from scratch.

Or you could download the free example file and follow his instructions in his post to easily install it in your solutions.

Make Better Decisions

Do you regret decisions you’ve made after the fact?  Do you wish you had a better way to think things through, or some method of analyzing a situation that would help you make a better decision?  James Clear’s recent post on decision making might change your life.

Clear provides a links to a lot of reading offering insights into ways to make better decisions.  Here are just a few:

That’s just a start, too.  Learn about the power of mental model, the inversion technique, the best books on the subject, and a long list of articles Clear has written over time.

Get started making good decision right away:  Click here to read his entire post.

“We are free to choose our actions, . . . but we are not free to choose the consequences of these actions.”
Stephen R. Covey

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