The Function-Separation Model, 5 Lessons Learned by Almost Dying

A novel twist on the Separation model:  The Function-Separation Model

John Renfrew, Director at Attitude in the UK, wrote about using the new FileMaker 16 Card window function in a unique way:  Add new functionality by calling a separate function file that does all the work (you send it parameters), returns the info to the calling file, and then goes away.  He calls it the Function-Separation Model:

Keeping the functionality in a single place means that when improvements or fixes are added, they can be inherited by every single file that uses the Function-Separation file without any alterations to the calling file. The method outlined is also lightweight in your solution and leaves little visible trace of where the functionality originates.

Free Demo File

There is a free demo file at the link to help you get your head around this concept.  Basically, to add new functionality, you would do what most programmers in other computers languages already do:  call an external function with parameters, let that function do it’s magic, grab the results, and process them using JSON parsing tools and such.

This makes it easier to add functionality to already existing solutions, but also raises questions about data security:  How do you limit who can call the action or see the results?  And does it open a path back to the main solution?

I like the path this is taking, and want to see more along this line.  FileMaker is changing – mostly catching up – and it’s fun to be part of the experience.

Source: (19) The Function-Separation Model for FileMaker development | LinkedIn

5 Lessons Learned by Almost Dying

Inspiring, spiritual Tedx video of a woman who miraculously survived cancer on her death bed. She went from there to healed in very short order and is now sharing her experience:

The five lessons she shares are worth your time.

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.

Wayne Dyer

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