The FileMaker of Things, Combine PDFs, and more

The FileMaker of Things

Ken d’Oronzio takes the commonly known Internet of Things (IoT) and applies it to FileMaker to make…The FileMaker of Things – FMoT.  All that really means is to allow different “things”, like doorbells, garage door openers, refrigerators, door locks, internet services, and more, are able to communicate with each other, including FileMaker. Why? The goal is to make your life, or your business, better.

How does that work with FileMaker?  FileMaker can reach out to various services and objects due to it’s greatly improved ability to talk to the internet is various ways. Then capture the results and store them in FileMaker.

This presentation focuses on using IFTTT (If This Then That) and Zapier to make those connections.

Plug your custom app into the power of the Internet! It’s easier than you might think to connect your custom app to the ever-growing network of connected devices and services in the Internet of Things.

Engaging automation tools such as and, we show how to set up a gateway app on the FileMaker Platform, implementing automation routines that trigger events in other web software and web-connected devices.

Ken d’Oronzio
President, Paradise Partners, Inc.

Combine PDFs

Mike Duncan uses a lot of different techniques to combine multiple PDFs into one document using a multi-user safe server-side script:

  • Perform Script on Server
  • Using server-side plugins
  • Pass multiple script parameters
  • Performing command line scripts on a server
  • Integrating with a 3rd party server-side program
  • Encode/decode Base64 to create text files on the fly
  • Multi-use safe script

Be ready to flex your developer muscles!  Duncan added a downloadable example file, available at the link below.

Source: Combine PDFs with FileMaker – Soliant Consulting

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