Surgeon Uses FileMaker Pro to Cut Vendors Out Of EHR Quest

THIS IS WHERE FILEMAKER PRO’S CAPABILITIES REALY SHINE.   A competent developer working with a client who knows what needs to be done. And the up side for the client:  the solution is extensible and easily modifiable by other developers should the occasion arise.

When spine surgeon Dr. Lloyd Hey couldn’t find commercial EHR software that met his needs, he hired a full-time programmer to build a custom EHR system using FileMaker.

Healthcare Social Networks: New Choices For Doctors, Patients

Healthcare Social Networks: New Choices For Doctors, Patients

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When Dr. Lloyd Hey grew dissatisfied with his packaged electronic health record (EHR) software, the surgeon didn’t just replace it. He built his own. In the process, he defined his own version of “meaningful use.”

A self-confessed tinkerer and founder of theHey Clinic for Scoliosis and Spine Surgery, Dr. Hey wanted his EHR software to bring process and quality control to healthcare. He knew technology could maximize care, minimize errors, and continually improve processes — but the commercial application was creating, not solving, bottlenecks, he told us in an interview.

“The problem was that [the EHR] system wasn’t really built for a surgeon. It was built more for a primary care physician,” he said. “And the [vendor’s] programmers weren’t really willing to improve it, and it didn’t interface well with my practice management system. We had these silos of information that didn’t talk to each other well.”

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