6 Free FileMaker Example Files

It’s time for some free FileMaker Example Files

How about six Free FileMaker Example Files, covering API connections, bug tracking, and connection to Amazon Web Services? Sound good? Read on…

Game of Thrones, Twilio, and a Bug Tracker

Check out these three free FileMaker files from Jeffery Henry, a FileMaker developer in San Diego. All three are completely un-lockable.

  • An Ice and Fire Database – a demo connecting to a web API using cURL and JSON. Bonus: it’s all about Game of Thrones!
  • A Twilio API demo: This a fully functional, but you’ll need a Twilio account, which is easy to get
  • A simple bug tracker database, organized by project

I am a big proponent of integrating with the web via API’s – it opens the world wide web to FileMaker users. There are thousands of API’s out there, and learning how to pull in and parse that data is a big plus for any FileMaker developer.

Twilio API Demo

GoT API Demo (Ice and Fire)

Bug Tracker

All three demos are downloadable here: Jeffrey Henry – FileMaker Developer

FileMaker to AWS – Courtesy of RC Consulting

Three free FileMaker Example files from RC Consulting help connect you to these Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • S3 Buckets: S3 buckets are cloud storage resources available on AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), and are similar to cloud drives. S3 buckets can hold files. Use this application to list, create and delete buckets. You can also list objects in buckets, upload to and download from buckets, and delete objects from buckets.
  • Text Extraction from files: AWS Textract to read and parse documents into data. Drag and drop or insert your document into the container below. Next, click on the button, “Upload to Amazon.” This will take your document and send it to Amazon’s servers for analysis. After that, click on the button, “Start OCR.” When the transcription is done, the results will be displayed under “Result.” 
  • AWS Voice to Text Demo: The following demonstrates the use of AWS to transcribe audio files. Drag and drop or insert your audio file into the container below. Next, select the appropriate language for the audio file. Click on the button, “Upload to Amazon.” This will take your audio file and send it to Amazon for transcribing. After that, click on the button, “Start Transcription.” When the transcription is done, the result will be displayed below “Result.” 

These three files will save you a lot of time (I know – I set up S3 a while back for a project). AWS offers a boat load of services for a very reasonable price. And RC Consulting shows you how to connect and process the data.

All three FileMaker files are downloadable here: FileMaker Integration Samples with AWS Services

James Clear: Ideas, Quotes, and a Question

It’s been a while since I have written about James Clear, a world wide expert on changing your habits. The following two ideas are fascinating because they put the cost of not changing your habits so clearly in perspective:

  • The costs of your good habits are in the present
  • The costs of your bad habits are in the future.

Three ideas, 2 quotes and 1 question. See the rest on JamesClear.com

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