Simple Column Sort, One Thing at a Time, and more

A Simple Column Sort Trick in FileMaker

A simple and sweet column sort trick from Excelisys’ RJ Carroll:

We eXplore a simple approach to leverage the power of “Sort Records by Field” in FileMaker Pro that allows for powerful one-click simple column sort.

This trick uses a script trigger instead of a standard script, and also allows you to test for the sort type and toggle to descending from ascending, and vice versa.  A very elegant solution without a ton of conditional logic in a script. It’s also quick to implement and to update. One cautionary note:  If your clients are accessing their file(s) on a remote server (over a WAN), you may want to build in some logic to get the found count, and, if the set is really large, warn them that the sort will take some time.

Check out the free download at the link below.

Source: Excelisys FileMaker Pro Tip-n-Trick: Simple Column Sort | Excelisys

Master One Thing at a Time vs Mastering Nothing at any Time

If you’re not reading James Clears’ work, you’re missing out.  Clear discusses the latest scientific findings and goes into detail about how it impacts you.  His writing is easy to follow and concise (I wanted to say “clear” here, but resisted!).

In this article he discusses some new findings about the limitations of changing behaviors or achieving goals:

Psychologists call these specific plans “implementation intentions” because they state when, where, and how you intend to implement a particular behavior.

This finding is well proven and has been repeated in hundreds studies across a broad range of areas. For example, implementation intentions have been found to increase the odds that people will start exercising, begin recycling, stick with studying, and even stop smoking.

However (and this is crucial to understand) follow-up research has discovered implementation intentions only work when you focus on one goal at a time. In fact, researchers found that people who tried to accomplish multiple goals were less committed and less likely to succeed than those who focused on a single goal.

The down side to this:  change won’t be as fast as you hoped.  The upside?   Your next New Years resolution list will be much shorter.

Source: The Scientific Argument for Mastering One Thing at a Time

Quit now, you’ll never make it. If you disregard this advice, you’ll be halfway there.

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