Hiring Subcontractors – Setting Expectations

Hiring Subcontractors – Setting Expectations

This week Susan Fennema and I get into the details of Hiring Subcontractors in our second video: Setting Expectations

What to Expect

What forms should a subcontractor sign before beginning work – and can you even hire a subcontractor?
  • Why you ned an NDA
  • Why you need a subcontractor agreement
  • Non Compete: they can’t work for your client for at least a year
  • 1099 or W2
  • Why subcontractors should be working for others as well, not only you
  • They need to not be full time
  • You can hire as a part time employee, instead
  • If you hire as an employee (even as part-time), you have the different state’s workmans comp, taxes, etc to take care of (but Quickbooks can help
How are you going to track their time or pay them?
  • What software, if any, do you use a software to track time to the client
  • How will the sub access it
  • Do you want invoices, or do you just pay from your time-track software
  • Will you do flat fees from subs or time-based
  • How quickly do you pay?
  • How to handle training, coming up to speed, and executing for billing
What kind of commitment do you need from them?
  • Be clear about how many hours you need from them (and expect to get less)
  • Set expected availability to answer questions/attend meetings
  • Talk to them about ghosting – be proactive

Thanks for joining us today and be on the lookout next Monday, December 18th, for the third video in our series:

Company & Subcontractor Management

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