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Building Self-Updating Apps

Katherine Russell’s (Nightwing Enterprises) second presentation at FileMaker DevCon 2016 is all about building self-updating apps:  the concept, the steps you should take, what to look out for, and more. Self-updating apps is something I have seen recently in a separation model solution where the data file remains the same, but the interface file is updated automatically when the user accesses a launch file to run the process.

As long as the users accessed the same launcher file every time, this system worked fine, and the users were notified of the new version on startup. This particular solution needed a better help file to explain the fixes, updates, and new features (in any), but worked well.

Anyway, if you need self-updating files, this video (and the downloadable pdf of this video presentation) will be very helpful.

So, if you need–or want to know about–self-updating files, this video (and the downloadable pdf of this video presentation) will be very helpful.

FileMakerTalk Podcast

Matt & Matt catch up with a bit of FileMaker talk, mentioning some new goodies they’ve gotten, discuss billing for services and mentioning a bit about development.

Topics include using Twilio and FileMaker, SMS and MMS, making gifs, server side scripts, the Base Elements plugin, and the MBS plugin. And get into a disagreement about billing for services–a conversation you’ll want to hear.

Billing Alerts for FileMaker Cloud – Soliant Consulting

If you aren’t using AWS services (EC2, SES, S3 Storage, RDS, and a lot more acronyms), you need to get started soon, as it is the most cost effective way to provide enterprise level hardware at a reasonable price.  Soliant Consulting has a useful article on tracking costs with FileMaker Cloud or EC2 servers automatically, using AWS CloudWatch to track monthly usage.

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