Scaling FileMaker, Lessons Learned from a 2 Billion Record Application – YouTube

Scaling FileMaker

This Indiana FileMaker Developers Group presentation was by Jeremiah Hammond on scaling FileMaker to handle a very large set of data in one table.

Some of the lessons learned include:

  • What common operations are disk-bound and which are processor bound
  • Difference between 32-bit and 64-bit in regards to dealing with this amount of data
  • There are still a lot of unanswered questions about what it does as the demo opens – the times vary greatly depending on the hardware setup
  • Indexing records in the sample file (2 Billion records) would take 4-5 hours on a text field
  • Indexing records on a date field would take 4 times longer
  • Opening a file this large takes a long time
  • Converting and importing fixed length files presented some interesting challenges, including using a program called Gawk to process the files into a csv format
  • Indexing was turned off to speed up imports
  • Calculation fields, particularly one using the Middle function, slowed the import process dramatically, and had to be deleted
  • The original csv files were 1.2 TB in size
  • The final FileMaker file without indices was 2.2 TB
  • Temp files ate up a lot of hard drive space during import, requiring twice as much disk space
  • Hammond used BaseElements to check the amount of hard drive space after each import to work around the temp file problem
  • Once the database was finished, adding more queries turned out to be too much for FileMaker with that large a record count
  • Problems with import file size (>4GB) led to splitting the files into smaller files
  • FileMaker Pro 13 for Mac is not a 64 bit program
  • It took about 60 days to get past all the problems they encountered
  • Indexing a field on the 17 billion record file took about 3 days per field (longer for some field types)
  • There are two types of index types in FileMaker: a work index and a value index.  Clicking the “All” option sets up both.
  • There is more to learn – watch the video for more tips

The final result:  a 2.2 Terabyte file with a 17 billion records in one table.

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