How to Put Animated Gifs in FileMaker Web Viewers

TIRED OF FIGHTING with container fields?  FileMaker container fields are great, but the limitations are sometimes frustrating, especially when it comes to displaying their contents in a web viewer.

Mike Duncan of Soliant Consulting breaks it down for you:

FileMaker 13 introduces a couple new functions, Base64Decode and Base64Encode. Base64 is a commonly used method of encoding binary data as text. For example, it is a standard means of attaching files to email. When you attach a file to an email to send to a friend, your email application can encode the raw file as text using Base64. When the email is received, the program you use to read email decodes the attachment in order for you to save it to your computer.

Since it has been around a while and is a commonly used format on the internet, it is also well supported in web browsers…

What a data URL does, is put all the html and everything that appears in a web browser and basically puts it all in the location field of a browser. Instead of getting information in the form of HTML from a location like “,”all the data that is needed is in the URL.

The process is fairly simple, and adds animated gifs to the already bulging FileMaker tool chest.  Be sure to download his example file and give it a go

FileMaker 13: Working with Base 64.


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