Progress Bars, HTML, Base64 and FileMaker

THIS LINKEDIN POST FROM LAST WEEK on using Base64 to make progress bars led to others in the LinkedIn Community to offer similar solutions from their tool chests (all files posted with authors permission):

Benjamin Fehr  of Geschäftsführer bei EfficientBizz GmbH shared a FileMaker file with some cool custom functions that show a variety of animated results in web viewers.

Claus Lavendt of DataManix contributed a sample file full of different types of progress indicators (this one will get your attention!).

David Knight of Angel City Data tossed in an example file from  2009 Devcon – cutting edge stuff back then!

All three files were demonstrated and well received at last night’s New Mexico FileMaker User Group meeting – a meeting we held both in person and virtually using – a great screen sharing and video conferencing solution at a low price – check it out.










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