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This is cool:

It’s a simple slide presentation tool built in FileMaker by Osamu Noda, a Dentist and FileMaker developer in Japan, who does great work with WebViewers and Javascript.

I first posted on his triggering a remote computer via a WebViewer back in 2014. By the way, there is a link to download the presentation tool file on his youtube page.

This software update for FileMaker 14 replaces the entire PDF engine used for PDF generation.

I suspect it deals with this issue here.  FileMaker 15 already has this issue fixed.

Software Update: FileMaker Pro 14.0.6 and FileMaker Pro 14.0.6 Advanced

Seedcode released a helper tool for those integrating FileMaker with Salesforce Canvas–a tool that will save you plenty of development time.

Salesforce has an analog to the FileMaker web viewer called “Canvas”. If you’re building JavaScript widgets for FileMaker’s web viewer you may be interested to know that running your code in Salesforce is parallel to what you’re doing in the web viewer for FileMaker. This is how we brought DayBack Calendar to Salesforce, and […]

Source: Starter Kit for Salesforce – SeedCode

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