Populating a Portal from a Value List

Douglas Alder shows that simpler is sometimes better.

Imagine a project management module with a set of pre-defined templates for different types of projects.  And see how you can easily add, at the click of a button, all the steps from a value list to a portal that is setup correctly.

Occasionally when developing in FileMaker I come across the need to be able to quickly generate a standard set of items from a Value List. In this example, using one of FileMaker’s built-in templates for Projects, I imagined a scenario where a project had a standard set of steps that needed to be generated whenever a new project was begun. Here is a quick and easily modifiable script to populate a FileMaker Portal from a Value List.

There is a downloadable example file at the link, and a script you can easily modify to populate the portal:

To use this script in your own solution, paste it into your file and modify three things.

  1. Modify the Value List from ‘Tasks’ to whatever is appropriate in your solution
  2. Change the field in the target portal you wish to write to
  3. Update the Set Field step to the appropriate field.

Populating a Portal from a Value List | HomeBase Software.

For more great downloadable files, be sure to visit the FileMakerProGurus download list (updated often).

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