Are placeholders problematic? And Why FileMaker?

Sometimes it’s best to step back from common wisdom and re-evaluate what you take for granted.

In this case, re-examine the use of placeholders, the grayed out text that indicates to a use what the field should hold (name, address, etc.).  This article looks at 10 areas where placeholders don’t always result in helping the user fill out the form.

Low contrast, something that is not a problem for most young, healthy people, is probably my biggest pet peeve.  But for not-so-young people, and for the mildly visually impaired, it results in a frustrating user experience.  Which is something that you, as a developer, should strive to eliminate.

Interestingly enough, this article recommends using labels instead of placeholder, while Apple’s new human interface guidelines recommends using them only where appropriate.

Since placeholders arrived on the scene, they have been rapidly adopted to provide hints and instructions to help users fill in forms…

Source: 10 reasons why placeholders are problematic — Simple = Human — Medium

Why FileMaker?  Micheal Rocharde has some good answers to this question, answers you can use with your clients.

It is bad luck to be superstitious.

Andrew W. Mathis


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