Pause on Error recap

More news on what happened at the latest Pause On Error this past October from Mike Beargie:

About Pause on Error
Where DevCon is the largest gathering of FileMaker Developers consisting of finely tuned sessions in large meeting rooms on a rigorous schedule, Pause on Error is small and geared toward think-tank style sessions. At Pause you’ll sit on the floor in a hotel room to discuss the finer aspects of FileMaker security or any one of a dozen other topics.

There is no better place to get face time with some of the best-known FileMaker developers out there. You will often overhear what if we did and wouldn’t it be cool if being passed around. There’s great things to see, techniques to learn and build upon, and plenty of frank discussions.

The two-day format is considerably shorter than DevCon, which I feel gives an attendee the ability to focus on learning specific details from the session rather than being lost in a sea of information. There was the right mix of social events as well. …

  • FileMaker password crackers operate on inserting a hash into a standalone file. You can secure your files against password cracking by using encryption at rest.
  • Adding an omit condition to your find request can slow it down considerably, especially if the omit condition is its own separate request.
  • Fast Summaries is a technique I had heard of but never learned. It was demonstrated and now that I’ve seen it in action, it’s a must-learn for any FileMaker developer’s skill set.
  • Chih Hsiao, senior user experience developer at FileMaker, had a session on design that was excellent and full of tips. Some of the concepts he introduced were beginning layouts for beginning users, where a user can learn FileMaker on a basic layout and build on that basic knowledge when using more complex layouts.

Sound like Mike learned a lot! Follow the link below for more.

More…Anvil – Blog.


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