Needs vs Wants, James Clear on the Chosen Ones

Needs vs Wants

A problem most people routinely experience, for themselves or with dealings with others, is telling the difference between a need and a want.

Jordon Watson studied the differences as it applied to developers dealing with clients, and shared his findings at DevCon 2017. The following four points are part of his observations, and are pretty much true:

  1. Customers don’t know what they want
  2. They can’t articulate their needs
  3. Customers have needs they don’t know they have
  4. Their needs change all the time

Another cogent observation:

A want always has its origin in a need

The biggest challenge in dealing with needs vs wants is that level of emotion involved in a ‘want’ clouds what is really needed. And the true need is often buried by the description of the want.  Your job as a developer is to identify your clients needs and to build a solution to meed those needs.

This video will help you do that:

The “Chosen Ones” Choose Themselves

We often assume that successful people got to where they are because they went to the right school or knew the right person or had the right genetics or stumbled into the right job at the right time. It’s easier to think about success this way because then you can say that these people were lucky to have certain advantages and you weren’t, and that’s what made the difference.

And the truth is, yes, luck does play a role in life. But luck is just an opportunity. It’s just an open door. You have to decide to walk through it and to make something of it.

I see this thread in all the ‘rags to riches’ stories.  Shania Twain overcame incredible difficulties on her path to fame, as did J.K. Rowling (she’s featured prominently in Clear’s post).  There was some luck along the way, but the luck happens as a result of a person never giving up no matter what obstacles they encounter.

Source: The “Chosen Ones” Choose Themselves


“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” 

Henry Ford

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