More FileMaker 14 Features

FileMaker 14 is out, and loaded with new features.

Yesterday we looked at the following:

  • The new, flat design
  • The new Launch Center
  • The new Script Workspace
  • Enhancements to WebDirect
  • New design tools

Today we’ll look at more new features, starting with…

FileMaker 14 Server enhancements:

  • Auto reconnect to serve in the event of a lost connection
  • Password strength indicators, plus hints to reset the password
  • Standby server capability – a second server that mirrors the primary server, and is available to take over if the first server fails.

FileMaker Server 14 Enchancements

New iOS User Interface and iOS Scripts

New User Interface for FileMaker Go 14 based on iOS 8 styling–easily make your solutions full screen by using scripts or swiping to hide the user interface.

iOS Rich text editing–choose the size, color, and font of your text — includes bold, underline, and italics options.

Control Scripts:

  • Lock screen orientation from a script
  • Enhanced signature capture–add comments and instruction boxes
  • Enable touch keyboards via script when wanted, and make them disappear on command
  • Video and audio playback control–play videos in a container field as well as in full screen. And interact with your layouts while videos are playing. New scripts automate the starting and stopping point of a video or audio recording — ideal for training scenarios when you want users to view certain chapters or sections at a time.


FileMaker 14 iOS interface and scripts


Some miscellaneous features:

  • Top and Bottom navigation parts
  • Object component styles
  • Redesigned toolbar for WebDirect

Client Operating System Requirements:

Client Operating System Requirements

Server Operating System requirements:

Server Operating System Requirements

FileMaker Go Operating System Requirements:

FileMaker Go Operating System Requirements

WebDirect Operating System Requirements and Browser Support:

WebDirect Operating System Requirements and Browser Support

That last slide bears repeating:

Desktop Browsers

  • Safari 8.x
  • IE 10.x and 11.x
  • Chrome 38 or later

Mobile Browsers

  • Mobile Safari 8.x on iOS 8.1
  • Chrome 38 or later for Android 4.4.x

With WebDirect working on mobile browsers on Androids and iOS devices, the market for FileMaker solutions just grew exponentially.


That’s all for now, but check back often in the coming weeks and months.  There will be plenty of blog posts excerpting the great work other FileMaker bloggers will be doing as they get a chance to dive deep into FileMaker 14.  And we’ll be adding some of our own, as well.

See you soon!


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