Meeting Expectations

Meeting Expectations

In the fifth video of the Project Management – Sub Contractors series, Susan Fennema and I talk about tips for subcontractors to help with meeting expectations. Below the video is an overview…watch the whole video for all the useful details:

What is the developer’s role in using project management tools?

  • Checking off or assigning tasks to the client when they are finished
  • Post your time to the correct job and task, with coherent notes
  • Add tasks to keep yourself and the client on task
  • Make sure that everything assigned to you is truly in your court

If you offer 20 hours/week, how can you guarantee that you give it?

  • Progress vs. deadline is estimated based on your availability and workload
  • It is imperative that you give what you promise
  • Calendar your allocated time… if you promised 25 hours to a client, that’s a 5-hour block per day. if your calendar is filled up, you have overpromised
  • If you are stretched and in demand as a subcontractor, raise your rates

What if a deadline is unrealistic?

  • Discuss this with your Project Manager
  • Figure out if part of the project can be delivered on time
  • Communicate on this early and often – avoidance and assumptions are dangerous
  • Give clear, concise communication – with consequences – to your client

Next week, we’ll offer tips on how to be more responsible as a developer.  Don’t miss it!

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