Managing SubContractors (Videos)

Managing SubContractors and Project Management

Join Susan Fennema – Chaos Eradicating Officer, Beyond the Chaos , Brandon Hayes (Director of Business Relations – Kalos Consulting, Inc.) and me in the first of six videos on Managing SubContractors and Project Management.

The video series started today on Facebook at 11 Eastern…and I have shared it on YouTube, as well:

In the first video, Brandon joins Susan and me to discuss finding, vetting, and integrating subcontractors or employees into your business.  Among other things, we talk about the following:

Vetting: Finding and onboarding subcontractors

  1. How do I know who I am looking for?:
    1. Think through what your desired qualifications are:
      1. Do you need someone Certified?
      2. How accessible do you want them to be? Remote? Come in to an office? Moonlight or dedicated contractor?
      3. What other skills/languages do they need experience in?
      4. Balance budget vs skill
  2. Great, so where do I find this person?
    1. Kalos has the luxury of referencing a network of contractors and developers, but if you don’t, go where the developers are:
      1. FM User groups
      2. Job boards (though we know that the best employees are not there)
      3. Networking/referrals
  3. So I’ve found someone. Now what?
    1. Communication, communication, communication
      1. Make sure you set a clear outline of what you’re expecting from them, when you have deadlines, when they’ll be paid, do you provide an FMP license or do they need to bring their own?
    2. Backend setup (preview for next week)
      1. Paperwork, contracts, NDA, payroll
    3. Sound like a lot? Kalos will take care of it for you

And lot’s more.  Watch the video to learn more.

Join us next week for Part 2

Join Susan and me next Monday at 11 EST for the second video in the 6 part series when we discuss:

Setting expectations:

What forms should a subcontractor sign before beginning work – and can you even hire a subcontractor

  • NDA
  • Subcontractor agreement (non-compete?) They can’t work for your client for at least a year
  • 1099 or W2
  • Full or Part Time
  • Part time employees?
  • If you hire as an employee (even as part-time), you have the different state’s workman’s comp, taxes, etc to take care of (but Quickbooks can help)

How are you going to track their time or pay them?

  • Do you use a software to track time to the client (Slack, Trello, FileMaker?)
  • How will the sub access it
  • Do you want invoices, or do you just pay from your time-track software
  • Will you do flat fees from subs or time-based
  • How quickly do you pay?
What kind of commitment do you need from them?
  • Be clear about how many hours you need from them (and expect to get less)
  • Expected availability to answer questions/attend meetings
  • Ghosting (as in disappearing)
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