Looking for a FileMaker PHP Subcontractor

Needed: An experienced FileMaker PHP subcontractor to quote and build a complex web interface for a FileMaker solution. The end result will use a server based FileMaker solution to provide data exchange with website using PHP.  Users will enter and update the database on a WordPress website via php.

Other features:

  • Add new users and manage users (forgot username and password modules)
  • Prompt users to select from existing projects, people, etc., before adding a new project or person
  • Allow users to upload pictures, links
  • Allow users to see and modify any project or field they originated (with some constraints)
  • Allow users to pay via CC for each submittal they make
  • Allow users to buy a limited set of other services
  • Employ CSS to format the output


  • Experience working with other developers on a complex design
  • Willing to quote by the project (specs provided)
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to successfully work with clients

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