Inverted Portals in FileMaker – Video

Inverted Portals in FileMaker The Holy Grail for FileMaker Developers?


Once in a while a great trick comes along that needs just a little more attention.

Doug West of Excelisys developed one last year showing off inverted portals in FileMaker. So what is an inverted portal?  It’s a portal that allows users to enter data in the first line of the portal instead of the last, easily done with only one table occurrence.  Something FileMaker developers have wanted for a long time.

I take no credit for this trick: I made this video to just help spread the word a little faster:

Inverted Portals

Inverted Portals in FileMaker

Don’t forget to download the free example file at the link below.

Source: eXcelisys [FMP Tip-n-Trick] Inverted Portals with FileMaker Pro | eXcelisys

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