Free SVG Gallery tool for Filemaker

This is the Free SVG Gallery tool Claus Lavendt talks about in his video interview with FileMakerProGurus at Devcon 2015. If you are importing SVG icons into FileMaker, this is a must have tool:

Now you get an even smarter way of managing your SVG icons, and a very smart and easy way to get a collection of icons, directly into the icons palette within your FileMaker solution.

The SVG Gallery tool works by importing your icons, taking the content of SVG files directly into a text field. From there, you can process all found icons to add the needed class in order to allow FileMaker 14 to control the color of the icon.
Now, in order to get a collection of icons into the icon palette in your solution, there is now a very smart way to do so, using the SVG Gallery tool.

Simply find the icons, you want in the gallery, do an optionally sorting, press a button and the function will now generate a buttonbar object, containing a segment for each of the found icons, with an icon on each.
This buttonbar will be placed on the clipboard. Now you just go to your solution and paste that buttonbar object. You can delete it again immediately after you have pasted it, as FileMaker will already have copied all the icons into the icon palette of that solution file.

Source: Free SVG Gallery tool | DataManix – Filemaker development

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