Free SSL Certificates for FileMaker Server

Free SSL Certificates for FileMaker Server

Courtesy of David Nahodyl of Blue Feather Group, learn how to set up free SSL Certificates for FileMaker server (both Mac and PC) using the Let’s Encrypt free, automated and open Certificate Authority.

As most FileMaker developers know, FileMaker has upped it’s concern for internet security for all FileMaker products, from FileMaker Go to WebDirect to Server.  One basic step to take is get an SSL digital certificate from a recognized Certificate Authority (CA) allowing you to use HTTPS for your website and, in this instance, your FileMaker server installation.

SSL Certificates are not usually free

FileMaker officially supports only a few CA companies, but allows you to use other certificates with the proviso that you should test the certificate before putting it into production:

Select a SSL certificate to purchase from a Certificate Authority (CA). The following certificates were tested by FileMaker Inc. If you use a certificate not on this list, be sure to test the certificate before using it in production.







  • Secure Site SSL Certificate


  • SSL123 Certificate (under SHA-1 Root)


  • Standard SSL

SSL Certificates can be Confusing – and Costly

You’ll find there are different types of certificates: Multiple Domain SSL’s, Wildcard SSL’s, custom designed SSL products for web (code signers, premium products – each one fits a different perceived need.  And the prices are all over the map.

Let’s Encrypt SSL offerings are free and fairly easy to setup for any website, and, thanks to David, pretty easy to set up on a Mac or a Windows machine.  Nahodyl even shows you how to set it up to automatically renew every month, since the free certificate expires every couple of months or so, and provides free downloadable scripts to go with his step by step instructions.

Check out his video:

Based on feedback in the comments section, this SSL Certificate seems to work fine with FileMaker.  Of course, you should test it yourself on a non-production machine first. But once done, you will have free free SSL Certificates.

Source: How to Use Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates with FileMaker Server | Blue Feather – FileMaker Developer, Android, Web

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