Free Mortgage Calculator for FileMaker Go 14

Douglas Alder made a pretty slick free mortgage calculator for the iPad and iPhone:

I’ve downloaded and tried a few iOS mortgage calculators, but none of them seemed awesome or flexible enough, so I decided to make one for FileMaker Go. It is unlocked so you can modify it to your location and preferences. Any amazing ideas or suggestions, if you send them back to me, I will try to incorporate them into the mortgage calculator template.Mortgage Calculator

The beauty of the FileMaker Platform is that in a few hours you can create an ‘app’ (though you still can’t distribute it through the Apple App Store, sigh.)

Another great example for businesses and organizations looking for custom, tailored solutions–FileMaker Rapid Application Development (RAD) coupled with an experienced, business savvy developer, is a powerful, affordable tool that gets the job done faster and more cheaply than the alternatives.


Source: Free Mortgage Calculator for FileMaker Go 14 | HomeBase Software

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