FMS WhistleBlower and HTML Email in FileMaker!

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What is FMS WhistleBlower ?

Yet another very handy tool from Claus Lavendt built to help you monitor your FileMaker Servers:

It’s a monitoring tool, that will help you monitor and manage your FileMaker servers. It consist of 3 components:

  • WB Daemon/ServiceThis is something we developed and it’s a component you install on all the servers you want to monitor and manage. The daemon/service will collect log entries as well as CPU usage of FMS related processes and feed this information into the MySQL database.
  • MySQL serverThe database will have tables, which the daemon/service will write to. The reason for this choice is that we will be generating millions of records.
  • FMS WhistleBlower FileMaker fileThis file is the central point, where you can put in logics. Currently it provides an interface for viewing log entries directly from the MySQL, via ESS as well as providing a dashboard, that shows you the current status of all the server in the level of files, clients as well as whether each of the FMS specific processes are running and how much CPU each process takes up.

There is a Free FileMaker Example File at the link!

Source: FMS WhistleBlower is finally here ! (BETA release) | The Brain Basket

HTML Emails from FileMaker with multiple attachments

Here’s yet another free FileMaker Example File (follow the link below), one that makes it possible to e-mail HTML content from FileMaker.  With multiple attachments:

This file sends HTML Emails from FileMaker with following cool features:

  • Multiple recipients
  • CSS styling (Users can add any styles to email body text using FileMaker text styling bar and it will be translated to HTML inline CSS styles)
  • Supports multiple attachments (Drag and Drop)
  • Create and edit predefined email templates with support of multiple attachments
  • Both server and client compatible (Mac and Windows)
  • Template buttons to input predefined variables such as current date, recipient name, etc.
  • Add creative and cool looking buttons to email body (Hyperlinks)
  • Email sent status for each recipients
  • Send test email to any given email address to double check the email formatting

Learn more and download the file at the link below.

Source: HTML Emails from FileMaker with multiple attachments – Intelligence Avenue Inc.


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