fmRecentRecords, FileMaker Website, Acrobat Integration, and more

I don’t know how I missed this last November, but I’m glad Didier Daglinckx featured it on his page.

It’s called fmRecentRecords, and it’s a free download from Matt Navarre’s recently renamed company, App.Works. David J. Weiner wrote the post (see also his posts on using the Button Bar for way more that just buttons), and explains what it’s all about.App.Works

The concept is simple, and, I think, very useful for systems that require navigation to several layouts and records as part of normal, everyday processes. So what does it do?  It makes it easy for users to navigate back to records and layouts they have recently used:

The nuts and bolts of this module involve storing information in a separate table each time a user visits a record, notating the primary key, the table name, and some descriptive info (using an OnRecordLoad trigger). On the dashboard is a portal that displays the list of records that have been visited, with the most-recently visited record at the top. When a user clicks on an item, a script navigates to the appropriate record and layout using this stored info. As they begin visiting the record less frequently, it falls lower in the list, and the most recently visited records show up at the top.

Simple, easy to integrate into existing solutions, and it’s a free download.  I’m putting it on my internal system as soon as I can, and will share the concept with clients going forward.

Source: fmRecentRecords – App.Works

Here’s an intriguing concept for putting FileMaker databases on the web without any PHP knowledge:  FileMaker Website.

Sign up for a free account and put up to 6 active pages on the web.  A paid account with more pages and personalization is also an option.  I watched the videos, and the interface is pretty straightforward and powerful.  I have not signed up, yet, for a free account.

I would like to hear readers feedback on this.

Productive Computing released a new, 64 bit version of PDF Manipulator DC.

Check out how to make FileMaker work bi-directionally with Adobe Acrobat here.

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