fmTinyURL – Make Shorter URLs with FileMaker

In case you missed it, Tim Cimbura just made it easy for you to integrate tiny urls into a FileMaker solution.  It may not sound like much, but for any client processing data in FileMaker that requires the output, it saves the time and inconvenience of leaving FileMaker, processing data in a web browser, and copying the result back to FileMaker.

It’s the little things that often make a FileMaker solution a big time saver. And it’s free.  And there’s a downloadable file with a custom function to encode the URL properly.  What’s not to like?

This sample database can be used by FileMaker developers to help create a customized solution. It is provided free of charge. TinyURL is a URL redirection service that takes a long URL and makes it a shorter one more appropriate for posting in a tweet, sending in an email, etc. You can also use it …

Source: fmTinyURL – Make Shorter URLs with FileMaker –, Inc. Tech


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