FileMaker to the Google Automatic Address Module, Water from Air

FileMaker Google Address Module

Check out this handy free FileMaker example file from Humming Tech. This file makes it easy to integrate FileMaker to the Google Automatic Address Module:

Most off the shelf CRMs provide functionality that allows a user to enter reliable, valid and accurate data — quickly. This improves the efficiency of data capture, whilst providing the company with the data it needs. The most simple example of this is an address lookup.

During a recent project, the development team at Humming Tech have produced an Address Lookup Module utilising Google, that can be plugged into any file with 3 simple steps.

I tried it out and it’s a pretty easy addition to almost any file with the three steps detailed in the article. An enterprising developer could pretty easily integrate it into an existing app, as well.  Kudos to the Humming Tech for sharing this code!

Source: FileMaker Google Address Module – FileMaker – Medium

Some neat tech that will save some lives:

Researchers at MIT and UC Berkeley have developed and now tested a device that can extract water out of the air even in the driest of climates. The team proposed the device in a Science article last year and now they’ve improved the design and tried it out in Tempe, Arizona. While there are a few ways to pull water out of the air, most come with significant limitations. They usually require humidities upwards of 50 percent and some need a lot of energy input to make them work. The research team’s latest design, however, works passively, without the need for energy input, and can work in places with humidity as low as 10 percent.

Here in New Mexico it’s not uncommon to find humidity levels well below 10%, so I guess we’d die of thirst on those days.  Still, this invention could be very beneficial in many parts of the world.

Source: Researchers develop device that extracts water from desert air

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

Dean Kamen

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