FileMaker Talk Interviews Don Clark, Persuasion, Barcodes, and Golfing for Drones

FileMaker Talk Interviews Don Clark

Turnabout is fair play!  Right after I did a video interview of Matt Navarre at DevCon 2016, he interviewed me for his podcast, FileMaker Talk:
Matt & Matt talk about DevCon 2016 and all the cool things they saw and learned. Matt Navarre talks with Don Clark and Jesse Barnum.

Listen to the whole podcast episode because you’ll learn and be entertained…but if you want to jump right to my interview, it starts at the 12:00 minute mark.

Book Learnin’

I am currently reading a fascinating new book on persuasion called Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade, by Robert Cialdini.
If you ever wanted to learn more about how to persuade people to do what you want, this book is the answer.  Here are just some of things you’ll learn:
  • The concept of privileged moments, identifiable points in time when an individual is particularly receptive to a communicators message
  • Channeled attention: the human tendency to assign undue levels of importance to an idea as soon as one’s attention is turned to it
  • How attentional focus turns to perceptions of causality.  This chapter will blow you mind., and could keep you out of jail, to boot.
  • Learn how the various Commanders of Attention, Attractors and Magnetizers, work
  • The Primacy of Associations
  • And much more

I first learned of this book while reading Scott Adams’s (of Dilbert fame) blog.  Scott Adams’s blog focuses on persuasive techniques and much more, and is always worth reading.  His predictive skills, based on his knowledge of persuasive techniques and his training as a hypnotist, are incredibly accurate.

For example, he predicted that Trump would be the Republican nominee over a year ago, and explains how he arrived at that conclusion by analyzing the campaigns from the perspective of persuasion.  By the way, Adam’s officially supports Hillary Clinton.

BarcodesWhy use Barcodes?

Ryan Klenk of Mainspring offers good reasons why your clients should use barcodes  in their business, and it’s a good read which gives you the ammo you need to answer their questions:

Whether it’s asset/inventory management, document tracking, or for event management purposes, integrating barcodes has a lower cost barrier than people may think, and the efficiency gained far outweighs any initial cost.

Klenk presented at DevCon 2015 on the technical aspects of using barcodes, so he know of what he speaks.

Source: Using barcodes to improve your business | MainSpring

 Golfing for Drones

Totally off topic from FileMaker and business, but this video is too good not to share.  An eight year old Australian girl, ranked first nationally in golf in her age group, knocks a drone out the sky.  Using a driver that’s almost as big as her.

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.

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