FileMaker Server on AWS, Logging, and FM Backup

FileMaker Server on AWS

Jesse Barnum’s presentation from DevCon 2016 on deploying FileMaker Server on Amazon Web Services EC2:

I moved my servers to EC2 both for myself and my clients (where appropriate) within the past year.  If your business can utilize Wide Area Network (WAN) services, you should take a serious look at Amazon’s EC2 and related services.

360Works uses several AWS services, as do most users, such as Backup, Routing, Email, and more.

If you are thinking about using AWS for your infrastructure, this video is a must see.

Source: Deploying FileMaker Server with Amazon Web Services

Need More Justification?

Go as deep as you dare in Mislav Kos’s blog post on using FileMaker Server’s logging capabilities to improve performance.  Put FileMaker Server on EC2 and one on another hosted machine, see which comes out better.

Learn how to use FileMaker Server’s Top Call Statistics log to speed up your custom applications.

Source: FileMaker Server Top Call Statistics Log – Soliant Consulting

Free FileMaker Backup Module

One of the free example files from is Simple Backup.  Simple Backup is a free FileMaker module designed to create backups and snapshots of local files, and is easily added to your existing solutions. also sell some FM Starter packs and offer other example files, such as 3 Multilingual tricks in FM and a navigational file.

Source: SimpleBackup – FM Starter

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