FileMaker Server 18 Admin Tools

Todays’ Treat: Free FileMaker Server 18 Admin Tools

First, Claus Lavendt completely rewrote the FileMaker Server 17 admin tool to include command line tools, REST API tools, and enhanced FileMaker 18 Server admin tools. And the tool is officially Beerware: if you see Claus (or any other DataManix employee) at the local, and you’ve found our code helpful, please buy us a round!

Check out the admin tool and watch the video for great advice for recovering files on startup, great backup strategies, and more:

While we are happy to see new features, we still have the challenge that you need 3 interfaces in order to manage your FileMaker Server 18. To solve that, we have created a new version of our highly popular free tool: The missing Admin Tool for FileMaker Server – now for version 18. FileMaker has completely rebuilt the admin API into a version 2. This also means that we have had to rebuild our tool to utilise the new endpoints, options and new features of the admin API v.2.

The tool is Beerware* and completely open for you to modify, explore the code and build upon. The only thing we ask is that you modify for your own use.

Source: The missing Admin Tool for FileMaker Server 18 | The Brain Basket

Productive Computing’s Free FileMaker Server 18 Admin Tool

Check out this short video showing Productive’s free, unlocked admin tool. With this tool, you can see quite a few things not available via the normal server admin, and you could sign up for free/pay courses at their University. If you are looking to get certified, definitely check out their free FileMaker FileMaker Certification Overview course – 23 free lessons to get you ready to pass the test!

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