FileMaker Pro Developer – Mike Beargie

FileMaker Pro Developer Interview – Mike Beargie

Join Don Clark of as he learns more about Mike Beargie, now with

Mike Beargie

Mike is well known in the FileMaker community for his contributions on forums, helping out when people are having problems. Mike also blogs at his website.

Mike also developed and maintains CoreScope, a free utility that allows FM Go developer to retrieve metadata such as battery life, cellular carrier name, connection type, is the device plugged in, etc. from an iOS device. This utility adds functionality to your FileMaker Go app that otherwise would remain hidden, and Mike just added 16 new functions with a new release.

And for a bonus, Nick Lightbody joins Mike partway through the interview and adds to the conversation.

Nick was previously highlighted talking about his great new FileMaker based CMS program, DeskSpaceCMS. His interview has been added to the end of Mike’s interview.

Should you want to skip ahead or jump around, use the timeline info below to speed things up.

0:0:25:00 Mike Beargie, Senior Developer and Technical Exploration

0:1:25:00 Blogger on the FileMaker Community Site

0:2:25:00 FileMaker is just one part of Mainspring’s business. They are doing some cross-training and integrating Javascript, Dashboard, Tableau and many other technologies.

0:4:15:00 CoreScope: Free utility allows FM Go developer to retrieve metadata such as battery life, cellular carrier name, connection type, etc. from an iOS device.

0:5:18:00–Mike’s Blogsite

0:8:23:18 Mike speaks French and has presented in Canada

0:11:09:11 FileMaker Solution for a Ski Resort

0:12:06:00 Nick Lightbody comes into the interview and discusses DeskSpaceCMS

0:13:05:00 The Direction FileMaker is taking

All the 2016 DEVCON Sessions have been packed.
If you understand the FLT Licensing, it is the wave of the future.
Get involved with The Community and be in the know.
“FileMaker is listening to the people that are giving them the feedback.”
As the platform progresses, those running gags will go away.

0:19:45:00 FileMaker Bugs Trivia

0:23:45:00 DeskSpaceCMS: A method for creating web pages–content management system.


Nick Lightbody talks about designing for websites and FileMaker – build it for your smallest device.

3:26 Mike and Nick on Master/Detail views, Portals vs Lists, Portal loading indicator

5:42 Long Polling and Web Sockets (Long Polling example below)

9:03 Server Speed and caching, speed enhancements

12:15 FileMaker Go–the beginning

14:32 FileMaker Go and Xcode

15:52 Deskspace CMS

17:15 Nick on what gave him the idea to write deskspaceCMS software

18:40 Update: Version 3 was just released! (November 2016)

22:40 Don Clark’s testimonial of DeskSpaceCMS

23:47 Published the King James Bible on one page, and display it practically instantaneously. Discussion on loading speed.

25:16 Mike Beargie on absolution of all responsibility when handing over a finished product to your client’s developer.

26:02 Versioning History Table on FileMaker Diff

28:19 Review of FM Perception from Geist

31:02 How Nick designs and builds: Simple is the key word

32.5 Minutes long


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