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Updated Methods for Passing Script Parameters

Makah Encarnacao’s DevCon 2018 presentation on passing script parameters is a great instructional source for both new and experienced developers.  As new capabilities are added to FileMaker, new methods are also added for passing script parameters.  Here’s the list from Makah’s presentation:

  • Using a Return Delimited List
  • Using a Pipe Delimited List
  • Using the Let Function
  • Using name value pairs
  • Leveraging your script name
  • Using JSON
  • Sending complex relational data in your script parameter
  • Containers

If you visit the link below, you’ll also get a free FileMaker example file and the presentation notes. And, of course, there is a video:

The newest addition is using JSON to pass parameters.  It’s a bit more complex than some of the other options mentioned above, but has the added advantage of easily auto encoding and decoding of problematical characters.  Using JSON is easier with custom functions. Here are some links to help:

Soliant also posted a blog entry on passing script parameters based off of Makah’s presentation, which you will find very helpful. And to go in-depth into JSON, including using it to pass script parameters, read Kevin Frank’s two part series:

Time Management

I was poking around the other day looking for general business (and life) articles, and came across a well written and useful guide on time management and getting organized:

6 Time Management Tips for Naturally Disorganized People

If you are interested in more in depth time management, look into the 4th generation time management techniques described in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey.  You’ll also get a boatload of great advice on living an effective life.

Start with the end in mind.

~ Stephen Covey

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