FileMaker on Android as an App?

Do you want to use FileMaker on Android as an App?

It’s tantalizingly close to real, but might still slip away.

If you want or need FileMaker on Android, get over to LiveCode Native now.  Kevin Miller, founder of LiveCode and LiveCode for FM, needs your help to finance this venture.  LiveCode already offers a plugin for FileMaker that greatly expands its capabilities.  And now they want to make FileMaker on Android, as an app, a reality.

In a nutshell, here’s what’s you will be able to do:

  •  Build beautiful, powerful, flexible native apps from your FileMaker layouts
  • Synchronize data perfectly as your app goes online and offline
  • Deploy to Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux (not just to the Android OS)
  • Keep your data within FileMaker server or cloud
  • Access native objects and the operating system on each device

Here’s a screenshot of your choices of standalone apps you will be able to generate:

FileMaker on Android

Check it out:

Android OS is the Elephant in the room

Did you know Android has a market share of  86%?  That is a huge, untapped FileMaker market. And this might be the key to unlock it.

It’s an all or nothing proposition, so if you or your clients will benefit from FileMaker on Android (or Linux, Windows, iOS, or Mac), get on board before the 24th of November.  Reach out to people you know. There’s a full money back guarantee if you are not happy at the end of the pre-release program, so your exposure is limited. It’s not too late to realize see FileMaker on Android.

LCFM Native – LiveCode for FM

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