FileMaker is Now Claris – Part 2

Videos of the Opening Keynote and the Visionary Keynote

Claris just released two keynote videos from DevCon 2019 – as far as I can remember, the first for videos that are not presentations of the work sessions. This step alone is a large change from the FileMaker marketing strategy…I have tried to interview various FileMaker employees for FileMaker Pro Gurus, and was allowed to interview only one – Leslie Kareckas – in 2013. Seeing upper management talking to the press and promoting their new look and brand is an exciting change.

The Opening Keynote

Watch CEO Brad Freitag announce the acquisition of Stamplay (the company developing the Claris Connect product) and the company-wide rebrand from FileMaker, Inc. to Claris International Inc. HIs strategy and vision of the FileMaker/Claris platform and brand is worth watching – skip ahead to the 46:00 minute mark if you can’t wait to hear why FileMaker re-branded and how Claris won out over 1000 other possible names.

Brad Freitag’s Keynote Presentation at DevCon19

Freitag spends some time discussing the core values of Claris:

  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Future focused
  • Agility
  • All in

His passion to see Claris and FileMaker succeed and grow is obvious.

Freitag also talks about FileMaker’s only acquisition in the past decade, Stamplay. Giuliano Iacobelli, the founder of Stamplay, introduces what will be known as Claris Connect, a way to easily connect FileMaker with a multitude of other online services.

There’s more…much more

  • FileMaker Marketplace is coming soon, and promotes FileMaker developers/firms solutions on the FileMaker website in a new, improved set of webpages.
  • The story of Furnace Record Pressing – a premier vinyl record maker who uses FileMaker to help run his business and to connect to 40 year old machines. Vinyl is back – something I did not know…
  • News about G2 Crowd’s ranking of FileMaker #1 in WorkPlace Innovation Platforms
  • News about FileMaker being a leader in the the “Forrester Wave Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers” study

There’s more in this video, including a lot of detail on vinyl record making that is fascinating. And a lot on how critical it is for FileMaker to partner with developers to bring creative ideas to life, and how problem solving developers are critical to their success.

I’ll cover the DevCon ’19 Platform Visionary Keynote video in my next post.

Power to the Problem Solvers!

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