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Douglas Alder walks us through setting up a iPod touch with FileMaker Go and integrating it with an existing database for use in a shipping receiving yard:

Recently I was asked to take over another developer’s project. The customer, who runs a shop building things, had been happy with the other fellows work, but the developer had taken a full time job, leaving the customer with FileMaker development to do and no one to do it. They connected with me and we discussed building a component of their solution specifically for the Shipper/Receiver. The Shipper is out in the shop yard all day assembling things to ship out and receiving inbound materials. The requirement was fairly straightforward:

  • A Home Screen:
    • View inbound Purchase Orders,
    • Outbound Shipping Requests
    • Alerts about the changing status of these two categories of records.
  • 2 Detail Screens:
    • Purchase Orders
    • Shipping Requirements

FileMaker makes building custom screens for iOS devices very easy. The customer had a few more complexities to add, they also wanted the ability to:

  • View scanned PDFs
  • Capture signatures on the outbound shipping documents
  • Take photos of outbound shipments.

It worked out nice in that no synching was required (it was connected live via wi-fi).  All in all, an inexpensive way to get a mobile user into the 21st century.

FileMaker Go running on an iPod Touch | HomeBase Software.

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