FileMaker Go 15 Background Processing, Jack Ma, SSL, and Optimists

Greg Lane at Skeleton Key shows how to use an audio file to allow FileMaker Go 15 to keep processing a script while in the background:

Have you ever heard of Jack Ma?  He is the founder of the highest valued company in the world (yes, larger than Apple).  Jack Ma failed repeatedly, sometimes massively, yet never quit.  And now he’s worth over $50 Billion. Check it out: How Jack Ma Overcame His 7 Biggest Failures

Another FileMaker 15 first:  It is no longer necessary to put a MIME type in the web viewer window in order to display HTML content.  In FileMaker 14 and earlier, you had to remember to add something like:  “data:text/html,” & ‘htmlField’ or the HTML data would not show on the page.   With FileMaker 15, just load in the HTML and it will work.  It still works with a MIME type, as well.

Not the most interesting topic, but handy at times:  A break down of SSL certificates for FileMaker Server 12, 13, 14, and 15: List of supported SSL certificate types and vendors for FileMaker platform

Love this quote:

Pessimists have trouble making room for possibility, and thus possibility has trouble finding room for pessimists.  

Seth Godin


Image credit: VCG | Getty Images

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