FileMaker Document Management and UX

FileMaker Document Management

You may have missed this great post by Nicolas Hunter on FileMaker Document Management on LinkedIn recently. Are you on LinkedIn?  If not, get busy and make an account – you are missing out on great business resource for learning and connecting with other business professionals.

Back to FileMaker Document Management: Richard Carlton Consulting offers a free, basic FileMaker Document Management database and a video showing the features.  The free sample database is a stripped down version of their fully functional database that is available for only $19.

Check out this video on FileMaker document management features:

Free Design Database, too

And while you’re there, you can download a very nice free FileMaker design database that shows off a full-featured set of layout Design, layout objects and components any FileMaker developer will find useful (and it includes the scripts, as well). I like the features and design concepts found in this file and will be using them moving forward.

Carlton made a longer video on this free database back in June and it’s worth watching:

And don’t forget to give a hat tip to Richard Carlton for making these great resources available for free to the FileMaker community.

Source: (16) UI/UX Design is your FileMaker Pro Custom App path to success. | LinkedIn

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