FileMaker Developers Interview – Lesterius Team – YouTube

FileMaker Developers Interview – Lesterius Team

Meet and learn more about Lesterius, a Platinum FileMaker company, from Roland Jacobs, David Julot, Tristan Meul (all with Lesterius) and Jasper Schoonackers (with myFMBUTLER, which is owned by Lesterius) in this wide ranging interview from DevCon 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We all had a great time and learned a lot about each other, what they thought about FileMaker, business on mainland Europe, and having fun.  And all this thanks to their very good English skills and despite my poor (read non-existent) French skills.

Below the video you’ll find a timeline of what we are talking about.

01:07:25 Tristan Meul talks about Lesterius – FileMaker Programming, Hosting, building Custom apps

00:01: 35  Ronald Jacobs:  Senior Developer

01:50:28 David – David worked for Claris, as an FM trainer, and now as a FileMaker developer for 20 years.    He works in Paris, France.

02:19:18 David – is the force behind FM Source, a French language blog

02:41:19 Jasper – myFMBUTLER – Jasper works in Belgium. Develops custom plugins for FileMaker Developers: FM Calendar, Clip Manager (allows you to copy layout parts from one layout to another and changes Table occurrence names!)

O4:24:23  Building an app maker (Mobile App Builder, coming in December) for iOS to make the process easier.  Uses xcode (with the FM SDK Library).  ~$26   

Lesterius is in all segments of business:  Government, education, the royal family, shipping, etc.  Non profits, hospitals.

07:36:10  Getting Started with FileMaker

Tristan – got involved in FM just recently when he got a job out of university

Ronald – started with DBase and Clipper, found FileMaker, got addicted.

David – found FM 2 in 1995, and just kept going.

Jasper – got a job and learned FM right out University

11:44:19  Ronald and the FileMaker Challenge event.

12:25:35  Devcon Sessions

Tristan found the Server Performance session for FM 15 very helpful.

David – integrating Slack and other management tools into FM with API. (This is a great session, you can watch it here and download example files, too.

Jasper  – worked in the booth for FMButler mostly, but attended some issues on server performance and FileMaker Cloud.  

18:01:20  Discussion on the technical direction of FileMaker and web services connection.

20:20:07  Discussion on FileMaker pricing (for small businesses, may be too expensive for new licensing).  Big business do well.   Team licensing discussions

24:19:11  What do you like to do with your free time?

Tristan – outdoors stuff.  Hiking exploring.  New experiences

Ronald – festivals music concerts.  Mountain Biking

David – likes to travel, and spent some time at the Eiffel Towel in Vegas

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