FileMaker Developer Conference 2018 In Review

It’s that wonderful time of the year again – the FileMaker Developer Conference. Karstyn McCoy, our Senior Systems Engineer, and I just returned from the DevCon conference in Dallas, TX and we are more excited than ever about the future of this ingenious software platform. It was a week full of motivational discussions and a whole lot of learning.


Reflecting back on all the sessions, conversations and presentations, there was certainly one overarching theme: Workplace Innovation Platform. FileMaker, Inc. is looking to carve their own place within the app development space. They feel that the low code/no code development space just doesn’t accurately capture of the essence of the FileMaker Platform. The software is robust and comprehensive and yet durable and flexible for different types of users, disciplines and experiences. Basically, FileMaker custom apps that solve process issues in the workplace can be as simple or complex as necessary depending on the organization’s requirements and capabilities. They want to be known as the “problem solver’s problem solver.”

Personally, I’m not necessarily surprised about this bold move. I think FileMaker 17 is a reflection of this new strategic approach. As I explored and shared my commentary about the new FileMaker 17 features, there were times that I realized that some of the features were modern and evolutionary. The new layout mode certainly reflects a modern integrated development environment. And, the FileMaker product developers created a simple and informative environment within the streamlined Server Administration Console in FileMaker Server 17. Yup, the signs were definitely there.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share our thoughts on some of the new and exciting ways the FileMaker Platform solves problems for millions of users every day, from Sally in accounting to Raul in sales to Anita out in the field. Follow us as we unpack topics like:

  • Modular programming with Card windows
  • WebDirect scalability
  • Tackling sync

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