FileMaker DevCon Update Day 2

DevCon Specials and Announcements:

FileMaker DevCon Sale: up to 20% Off

Benroy Business App:  15% off

Productive Computing offer new hosting packages for FileMaker Server 15

Connect FileMaker to Ring Central: 

Announcing RC2FM: Let FileMaker “Ring”!

What RC2FM is:

Engineered by FileMaker developers for FileMaker developers, RC2FM Connector is a subscription web service that allows developers to connect any FileMaker custom app (versions 13 and up) to any RingCentral Office® telephone extension. This enables any FileMaker Pro, Go, and Web Direct custom app to instantly gain powerful IP business communications functionality.

Interview Updates:

So far, I have interviewed three people, including Matt Navarre of App.Works,  and Christo from Excelysis.  Great interviews both, can’t wait to share them.

Matt Navarre returned the favor and interviewed me for!  Not sure when that will be coming out. But then, I’m not sure when the interviews I am conducting will be published, either…

Today I have 5 more interviews scheduled, including interviewees from the UK, Down Under, and from the United States.  Tomorrow, I am hoping to get some mainland Europe interviewees lined up, as well as some more FileMaker luminaries.

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